Airbus H135

Formerly known as Eurocopter EC135, the Airbus H135 is the largest aircraft in the LIFE FORCE fleet. LF 1, 2, and 5 all fly the H135. 

The H135 is a twin-engine helicopter with a long Germanand French heritage.  It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney turbineengines, each producing in excess of 670 shaft horsepower. Combined with construction using the latest technology incomposite materials, the H135 is capable of speeds of more than 160 milesper hour.  It can easily fly 300 miles without refueling. 


The H135s LIFE FORCE flies are certified for single pilotinstrument flight, allowing LIFE FORCE to take advantage of the 15GPS instrument approaches into area hospitals when the weather isinclement.  The H135 aircraft as well as its crews on boardare fully qualified, equipped, and trained to use the latestin Night Vision Goggle technology. 


All of LIFE FORCE's H135s are equipped with Honeywell Enhanced GroundProximity Warning Systems, an Air Traffic Advisory System, twoGarmin Aviation GPS navigation systems, Weather Radar, real timeXM Satellite weather, and a three axis auto-pilot.The pilots attend extensive ground and flight training tobe able to fully utilize the equipment. 

There are more than 1,100 H135s in operation in nearly 60 countries. The H135 is one of the quietest helicopters in its category. Known for its high endurance, compactbuild, low sound levels, reliability, versatility andcost-competitiveness, this twin-engine helicopter can perform manydifferent missions, landing almost anywhere, particularly high and hot,while carrying more payload over longer distances than other rotorcraftin its category.

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