RMCC Responsibilities

Daily/Routine Responsibilities 

  • Coordinates radio communications between ambulances and receiving hospitals*
  • Coordinates emergency medical consultation services for all hospitals and ambulance services in the region**
  • Conducts routine communications checks and system tests with all other system participants 
  • Participates in public health disease surveillance programs 
  • Monitors status of hospitals throughout the region

Disaster/MCI Responsibilities 

  • Receives scene reports and staging area information from the Incident Commander or local dispatch center. 
  • Coordinates EMS Mutual Aid resources and response 
  • Notifies hospitals in accordance with anticipated system demands 
  • Allocates patients among the hospitals 
  • Monitors hospital status 
  • Identifies hospital and EMS needs; communicates this information to Local and State EOC. 
  • Maintains direct communication with other RMCCs 
  • Performs these functions in support of local, regional and state exercises and drills. 

* This function is necessary to prevent confliction of radio transmissions by several ambulances attempting to talk to one or more hospitals at the same time and to prioritize emergency communications. 

** This is a service provided to Paramedics and hospitals where consultation for critical patients is requested. It does not usurp or replace local EMS medical control.